ARDIS® platform for Operational Resource Planning ——

Cost and quality control is crucial in this hyper competitive market, and the complexity and use of technology is increasing at a furious pace. The solution is an integrated approach to manage and monitor all people, materials and machines – typically called Operational Resource Planning (ORP).  

The diagram below shows how ARDIS® has built a modular and standardized platform to meet all these requirements, specifically for the cutting industry.  

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Integration ——

Our ORP architecture is split into various functional products that also work perfectly on their own. Together they provide an even better result thanks to integration on our ORP platform.

Main features:

  • Integration with all third-party machines and software
  • Scalable and adaptable using standard parameters instead of custom software
  • Runs in the Cloud for complex, historical and comparative reports
  • Only buy and use what you need
  • Expandable system so you won’t outgrow it
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