User stories

National Office Furniture Inc., IN, USA

National Office Furniture recently replaced their existing optimizer with our ARDIS optimizer. ARDIS controls all 7 Giben saws, from the newest to the oldest, imports the data from the ERP and uses a unique parts analysis to minimize manual input. With ARDIS, they are doing more than just optimizing the material consumption, we also keep in mind the production flow after the saw for the complete cabinet making process.
Point of contact: —Scott Berger—

QTK Fine Cabinetry, ON, CANADA

QTK is using the complete range of ARDIS products. To instruct their employees on the latest Ardis developments, QTK requested an advanced ARDIS consultancy session. During the consultancy/training the complete order-to-pro-duction process was reviewed. The ARDIS consultant helped QTK to automate a huge amount of steps in order to reduce the total time to get an order ready for production by 40%.
Point of contact: —Daniel Toto—

Contemporary Cabinets, OK, USA

Contemporary Cabinets are running a Winstore Automatic warehouse with a Selco beam saw, a Biesse nesting machine and an automatic labeler. Thanks to the flexibility of ARDIS software we succeeded in improving the integra-tion of the three machines. ARDIS requests the available materials and stock from the warehouse, optimizes, provides the data for each machine and gives feedback to the ware-house for all needed materials, reservations for offcuts are also taken into account.
Point of contact: —Reid Brownell—

Clinton Aluminum, OH, USA

Clinton Aluminum were implementing a new ERP system, and wanted to integrate optimization . They had heard a lot of good things about ARDIS. An experienced Ardis consul-tant flew in at short notice, and after the first meeting, it was clear there was a good match. We were able to provide a very flexible solution that allows for their customers demanding requirements and tolerances. The final solution includes a lot of custom integration work, terminals on the shop floor servicing over 30 saws, and this went live in early December.
Point of contact: —Keith Gwyn—