SAW/cutting machines

Controlling saws via postprocessors

ARDIS is famous for its flawless controlling of all brands of saws and cutting machines. Worldwide thousands of saws are controlled by the ARDIS-program. Thanks to our experience and need for quality we always try to optimize the productivity of the machines. ARDIS takes divers parameters into account when optimizing such as: sorting, limitations of the machine, speed, yield…

To control each saw faultless ARDIS has a whole bunch of machine parameters that make sure that the optimization is done fit to the needs and constraints of your machine.

Since we have a big range of customers all our postprocessors include a big set of parameters. By those parameters we can guarantee you a high flexibility in how you transfer the cuttingpatterns to your machine. Since ARDIS is involved in a lot of technical complex projects we have direct access to the divers machine manufacturers. So if ever an issue would occur we can guarantee you an optimal communication and fast intervention to solve the problem.