ARDIS has the possibility to control the most brands of CNC & nesting machines  available on the market. Hereby we can use different methods of working. Together with the customer we decide what is the best way to move forward with him.

ARDIS CNC-formaat

By this method we start from the brand new ARDIS CNC-format. This is a universal format that gives us the possibility to produce the CNC code for your machine. To create the cnc programs in this format we have 4 different options:

  • Manual define drillings
  • By assigning parametric drilling programs to parts
  • Fully automatically by parametric parts calculations
  • Import the programs from a system like TopSolid

Since the drilling are in the universal ARDIS-format we can quickly and easily export them to the machine specific file format for  one or more machines. Herby we use the flexible ARDIS CNC-postprocessors. They give you the possibility to generate the proper machine files such as (bbp; mpr; Xiliog; …) or by generating directly the G-code.

The biggest advantage of this way of working are:

  • Working with machine proper format
  • Keep flexibility and possibility to still make modifications on the machine.
  • Work with sub cnc programs and your proper technology macro’s
  • Customize the postprocessor to your own needs
  • Create unique program names with barcodes
  • From 1 central you can control multiple brands of machines without creating new programs

This way of working is ideal for companies that require a high flexibility and customization.

Conventional WOPS

The conventional WOPS will use your already existing parametrical CNC-programs. These programs you are currently using by filling in the required parameters manually and save the program under another name or the operator at the machine modifies them manually before he executes them. In this case ARDIS can be, again, of a great value to you. You’ll just have to assign a program to a part and automatically ARDIS will fill in a whole set of parameters. If modifications or subprograms still would be required they can be added at all times. After optimization ARDIS will automatically generate a unique CNC program for each part inclusive a unique barcode. What gives the operator the chance and possibility to scan in the barcode and open automatically the program.

Nesting via ARDIS

Since ARDIS is only optimizing rectangular parts you may think that it will not be that good at nesting. However we see that a lot of customers use ARDIS for the generation of their nestingpatterns. Just because ARDIS is simply better. A few things you have to take into consideration when talking about nesting:

  • If your production runs don’t contain more than 20% non-rectangular parts the yield of the ARDIS optimization will be almost always much better. We are happy to help you to analyses your production list.
  • ARDIS has a lot of special features to generate more complex, not executable on a conventional saw, patterns. What directly results into a serious increase of yield.
  • ARDIS is an expert in integrating multiple production units into 1 system. So saws and nesting centers are fully integrated and linked to each other. ARDIS will automatically based upon the parts list decide what parts needs to be produced on what machine. It will take also into consideration that no unneeded material switches are done on one of the production units to ensure that no unneeded offcuts are created.Our nesting module has a lot of build-in-features that can help with issues as small parts, tensions in the board, side drillings, automatic unloading stations ect…
  • Since our algorithm is based upon rectangular parts we work with continuing lines. ARDIS can, instead of milling the outline of each part, mill straight away the cutting lines and by that avoid a lot unnecessary operations. This improves overall processingspeed a lot.