Special ARDIS features

During our 27 years of experience, we have been searching together with the industry to find solutions for all kinds of problems. Thanks to that close cooperation and partnership we have succeeded in finding a solution for a lot of industry-specific issues.  A few are listed below. However, we are sure that most likely we can help you with your specific issues.

The modules listed below are available for small to large companies.  Each of these modules is not typically included in a package but available as add an on. So it’s up to you to decide what you need.

Importing and automation

ARDIS has always been very proud of its flexible capabilities. Thanks to this flexibility ARDIS is the choice of a lot of CAD/ERP/MRP systems and IT specialists. ARDIS can easily import and export to simple or complex csv and other ASCII delimited files and format them as needed. Another possibility is to import from SQL or any ODBC compatible database using customizable queries. Other data sources such as: xml, web services, soap,… are also used daily by our customers.

However, data importing and exporting is only a part of the automation and integration capabilities. ARDIS still contains a complete flexible scripting language that provides users and programmers the ability to fully automate ARDIS processes. These automations can be to just simplify the day-to-day use or to completely automate the optimization process.

Perfect grain matching

Since optimization is based upon a mathematical calculation, it may spread the parts out in the cutting layouts that you need to keep together. Your job may require the grain to continuously flow between the cabinet parts to ensure a nice view of your cabinet. In ARDIS you can link the parts together to ensure they stay together in the optimization. It’s also possible to define this on a formula based system which makes it linkable with other possible CAD and ERP systems.

Laminates handling

ARDIS has a lot of experience with laminate handling and production. Working with laminates and core materials, ARDIS can find the right balance between the intermediate laminated sheet; full laminated sheets and individual laminated parts. Factors that are considered are the characteristics of the Press; Laminate sheet sizes; Core material sheet sizes; offcuts and other specific constraints. Meanwhile, the algorithms can still be adapted to your special requirements and desires. In doing this, we will together automate your laminate production.

Tension free cutting

Due to humidity and production methods for wood panels/boards tensions can occur in the boards. These tensions result in deviated part sizes and non-rectangularity, also known as the ‘banana-effect’. ARDIS has multiple solutions to ensure that these issues are kept to a minimum. ARDIS has 3 possible methods to avoid these issues. These 3 methods make a perfect balance between resolving the problems and avoiding extra production load. ARDIS supports the tension free cut features on new beam saws.

Edgebanding of Small parts

A lot of furniture and cabinet companies have issues with edgebanding small parts. This is due to the physical limitations of edgebanders. To help our customers we have developed an innovative solution that avoids any manual interference. Thanks to the solution those parts will be produced automatically, and the data will be ready on all machines.

Planning and production flow optimization

To create the optimal production flow and make sure you have just in time delivery, it is required that the optimizer respects certain constraints. ARDIS will handle those constraints during the optimization. This ensures the perfect balance between yield and the constraints.

A few possible applications are:

  • Ensure that certain batches stay together within the production flow
  • Automatic stack units to take care of a limited amount of unloading stations
  • Ensure that certain parts are finished at the same time. Parts that need more production steps (=time) need to be produced before parts that need less steps or time.
  • Make sure that parts are cut in order of truck loading and customer delivery

As you see here ARDIS can do much more than you would expect. ARDIS is a perfect partner to ensure your production is running smoothly.