ARDIS versions

Starter Cutting - Basic Cutting

In combination with a manual panel saw

  • The simple and fast optimization
  • Intuitive cutting patterns
  • Results can be found all on one screen
  • No training is required or needed
  • Enter your parts sizes and sheet sizes and after one click you obtain your cutting patterns
  • The results are printable in a simple and easy overview
  • Copy & paste is a standard feature
  • Intuitive patterns to ensure a minimum time and maximum yield
  • Ideal for use in the shop. minimal setup is required
  • Limited to xxx unique part sizes and xxx material sizes per optimization

Easy Optimizer

For more automated cutting, can be used in combination with a CNC/Saw

  • Predecessor of Cutting Optimizer for smaller shops
  • Due to a simple windows tree structure, you always maintain the complete overview
  • It’s fit for small to medium production runs
  • Copy & paste is a standard feature
  • Easy Optimizer has, just as all other ARDIS versions, a very easy to use grid. This ensures fast manual data entry is possible
  • Optimization data can be imported
  • Can be customized to fit your needs by adding extra features
  • Intuitive patterns to achieve minimum time and maximum yield
  • Can be used in combination with an automated panel saw or beam saw
  • Limited to 100 unique part sizes and 5 material sizes per optimization

Cutting Optimizer

For the most automated use by small to large companies

  • Most common product seen as a saw postprocessor to send the data directly to the machine
  • Thanks to 68 possible modules the functionality of the software can be customized completely to fit your needs
  • In addition to intuitive patterns, the users can setup the algorithm to meet their own production needs. This ensures the cutting patterns are exactly as they want them
  • Thanks to the ARDIS flexibility the system can be fully integrated and generates the correct dataflow at all times
  • For each production flow the users get the desired documents. These documents are flexible and can be user-defined thanks to the ARDIS built-in report generating engine
  • The cutting optimizer consists of 3 versions:
  • CO I : Optimizes based upon the best overall yield of the materials
  • CO II: Optimizes based upon the cost of the basic material
  • CO III: Optimizes based upon the minimized material and cutting costs combined
  • Cutting optimizer is available as a Server, Terminal server or Citrix version that centralizes and secures all possible data onto the network