What are the advantages?

Automatic storage systems are optimally suitable for furniture manufacturers of any size, for producers of boards as well as for trading enterprises which sell boards.

An automatic warehouse working together with ASMS (Ardis Stock Management System) results in a proper automated environment avoiding double data entry and optimizes the overall workflow. Where most automatic warehousing software mainly consists of sheet handling, ASMS will do much more. In general there are 2 main options:

  • ASMS can control directly the warehouse via the PLC. This guarantees a maximum of flexibility and integration.
  • ASMS can communicate and synchronize with any other automatic warehousing system
  • ASMS can be linked to any other database
  • ASMS gives you easy reporting possibilities through customized views
  • ASMS gives you the possibility to reserve boards even before they are used by an optimization. Afterwards the manual reservation will automatically be transferred to a customer job.
  • ASMS will take care of that extra bit of information the optimizer needs: extra article-based-characteristics such as trim cuts, cutting speeds and limits, rest and utilization criteria,  supplier etc... The database of ASMS is in constant synchronization with the automatic warehouse, so if you create new articles they will automatically be created in your warehouse and vice versa. 

If you order a board in the ASMS software, you will see exactly how many reservations the article has already. Returning offcuts is very simple. When scanning a barcode, ASMS will instruct your warehouse what to do. 

ASMS manages everything about your warehouse. Looking for the correct amount of a certain article or putting boards into the system is very easy using ASMS. Executing an order will directly result in bringing a board to the saw and automatically opening the cutting pattern on your saw.

Combine this with the ASMS external stock & offcut management and even hardware management (fittings, hinges,…) and you will have a perfectly managed stock control system.